About Us

Getting to know us better

We celebrate our 30th birthday this year, marking 30 good strong years of dedicated quality eye care, not to mention 30 years of forever changing fashion.

We’re a proud family run opticians in Billingham, by the beautiful River Tees in North East of England. We’re passionate about the area and all of the people we serve locally.

Our Vision

It’s worth pointing out the obvious – we’re a little fish in a big pond. Optical centres have boomed in the last decade following the needs of the 64 million people who live here in the UK. So whereas we might not necessarily be popping up everywhere, we have in fact been around longer than those household-optician names we all know today.

Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on continuing to provide the best eye care available in the modern world. We understand just how important it is that we all look after our eyes to avoid them deteriorating in the future.

What’s more is that we’re passionate about picking you the perfect frames for your lifestyle and comfort. That’s why we hand pick our collection of frames, lenses and brands. As we want to be the best, we only want the best!

From all of us here at Cats Eyes Opticians



We constantly invest in high-end equipment

As with everything, time goes by, things change and great innovations catapult us in to new realms of possibility, and the same goes for optometry. With due care and research we regularly explore the opportunities of using new technologies, excited by the prospect of how much better we can care for our eyes with the latest advances in technology.

Combined with our team of experts and specialists, we’re confident we’re supplying you with the best possible personalised health care. Whether you’re having doubts about your eye health or simply want to get ahead of the new eye wear trend then we’re here for you.

We promised to take care… and delivered

A bit of feedback from our customers

  • I've been coming to Cats Eyes for a good 5 years now and I'm always met with a friendly face. I brought my daughter for her first eye check and they made her feel so comfortable and done a great job.
    Diane McPartland Customer
  • When Ray-Bans first came back on the scene some years ago I was desperate to get hold of a pair. I thought I'd try Cats Eyes Opticians and sure thing, they were able to set me up with my perfect pair of Ray-Bans. Thank you.
    Max Holford Customer
  • Starting work as an engineer, the plant I started working at required that I had specific UVEC work wear with my prescription in them. I'd seen Cats Eyes a few times both on the high street and online. They happened to have a special offer and now I've got two pairs!
    Kieran Bruce Customer